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50-25: The Journey of a Man and his Vision

20th March, 2009 was the celebration of two occasions; the 25th Anniversary of the birth of the Shreepati Parivaar and the 50th birthday of its Co-founder and visionary Mr. Rajendra R. Chaturvedi.

This monumental day was envisioned by the members of the Shreepati Parivaar, who over several years of love and friendship have become family, and these occasions was a way to share their joy with one another.

The day was a grand celebration involving the entire staff of Shreepati Group and their families, well-wishers and friends. This occassion also marked the launch of the biography of Mr. Rajendra R. Chaturvedi, "50-25 The Journey of a Man and His Vision".

Also present to commemorate and cherish the occasion were several other celebrities from a plethora of domains including Artists, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, and respected Politicians.

Visit of Delhi Development Authority in 2009-10 at our Head Office