Sea Scan Maritime Foundation

Mr R.R Chaturvedi, MD Shreepati Group and Captain Virendra Mehta are founder Members and partners of this academy.

Sea Scan Maritime Foundation (SSMF) is located at Airport road, Chicalim, Goa and is one of the leading premiere maritime Institution of India. The Institution is recognized by the Director General of Shipping, Government of India, approved by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), London. It conducts Training in compliance with ISO 9001: 2002 certification by DET NORSKE VERITAS. The institute has been graded by ICRA limited As a very good organization.

The institute offers various job oriented courses in marine life that Help train cadets for the seas across the world. A large number of cadets Having passed out of the Academy enjoy jobs of repute across the marine industry.

Project Sea Scan Maritime Foundation.
Location Airport road, Chicalim, Goa.
Status Ongoing