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Up North.

Up North.

With a consistent incremental demand, quality space remains a limited resource, irrespective of the geography. This, perhaps, is why Vertical Living is gaining more leverage and acceptability. The global trends strongly underline this, as top cities of the world are looking towards the sky to meet the need for high quality living, working, social and recreational space. Envisioning the future with accuracy and certainty is perhaps the best way to prepare and shape the world of tomorrow. With the required experience, expertise and commitment to excellence, the Shreepati Group, is today, laying the foundation for Vertical Expansion of cities to create spaces that create new possibilities of higher living.


Shreepati group is a leading Real Estate Company in South Mumbai. The innovation-led, future-focused Shreepati Group was established by Mr. Rajendra R. Chaturvedi in 1984 and is based in Mumbai. It entered the Real Estate Industry in the year 1987 and since then is one of the largest players in the Real Estate market The Shreepati Group has undertaken redevelopment projects of several old and dilapidated buildings with cluster approach, constructing high rise residential towers with commercial complex in South Mumbai.lvinar dapibus leo.


Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi

Chairman, Shreepati Group

Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi is a man who speaks not with his words, but his actions. Rooted in humility and driven a strong self-belief, he has built a legacy that will inspire the construction industry. From his daring vision to build the tallest ever building in India, to his idea of transforming South Mumbai by adopting Vertical Living as an idea, every single of his achievements have won accolades from all quarters. His exemplary pursuits to build the unthinkable has paved the way for architectural excellence in real estate.