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Shreepati Group is a leading Real Estate Company in South Mumbai. The innovation-led, future-focused Shreepati Group was established by Mr. Rajendra R. Chaturvedi in 1984 and is based in Mumbai. It entered the Real Estate Industry in the year 1987 and since then is one of the largest players in the Real Estate market.

The Shreepati Group has undertaken redevelopment projects of several old and dilapidated buildings with cluster approach, constructing high rise residential towers with commercial complex in South Mumbai. Shreepati Group has completed more than 10 million square feet of construction through these projects. The market networth of the Shreepati Group was more than Rs.7000 Crores as of March, 2006.

One of Shreepati Group’s mega project known as the Shreepati Arcade is located in a premium locality in South Mumbai and has held a record of the tallest building in India for a period of seven years between 2001 to 2008 when construction of such high rise buildings in India was still unheard of. It till date remains one of the most iconic land mark buildings in Mumbai city.

Shreepati Group has done its very first joint venture of a public- private partnership with MHADA and has successfully completed the project namely Shreepati Jewels – Phase – I creating a huge housing stock for project affected people besides rehabilitating the old settlers in the property.

Today Shreepati Group has more than 20 mega projects in the pipe line and is being recognized as a High Rise Developer having put up three high rise towers, each over 35 storied structure. A role that is, in keeping with the government’s vision for the future. A role that will see it change the Mumbai skyline forever, and that is just the beginning of Shreepati Global.


The company activity started in repairing to retro fitting the old buildings, soon it discovered the true potential of the tenanted properties in Mumbai and acquired several such large properties and started redeveloping them under cluster approach.

In the 40 years long journey, the group, with the spirit of innovation at its core, has carved a niche for itself as an industry benchmark for quality, customer focus, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics and the unswerving commitment to timeless values and total transparency in every aspect of its business. These exceptional attributes have made Shreepati Group of Companies one of India’s most preferred real estate brands in South Mumbai.

While all Shreepati projects bear the hallmark of architectural and technological innovation, what sets them apart is the strong vision of the company, based on enduring values such as Punctuality, Quality, Reliability, Speed and Transparency (PQRST), and superior execution capability.

In 2012, the entire real estate industry was going through tough times due to slack market and unsold inventories were piling, Shreepati Group kept a low profile and took only baby steps by consolidating its focus on ongoing projects and expediting approval process of projects where the old tenants have been shifted by evolving self-financing than creating financial liability to Shreepati Group by procuring loan thereby we maintained a low profile which limited the borrowings and reducing the liabilities. Thus, we have managed to keep the crises away when other realty firms are in deep trouble.

The Shreepati Group has also, by taking baby steps have processed the approvals for different projects such as Shreepati Jardin, Shreepati Rise, Shreepati Estate, Shreepati Skies and Shreepati Bay View. All the above projects are in final stage of launching with basic approvals required and the Group has been waiting for the right opportunity and the right time to launch the projects.

Year 2006, the realty industry had a tough time by adopting to mass transformation due to demonetization, RERA, GST and online approval system which was launched by B.M.C. in Mumbai. This forced the industry from unorganized sector to an organized sector working level. Our Group sustained all the transformations and accepted the reforms and went ahead and continued with the existing ongoing projects and maintained the status quo with the tenants and flat purchasers.

Besides in 2006, SGC had Business Separation process with Partners and the same also have been settled and completed successfully. In November 2006, when Mr.Tapas R. Chaturvedi attained the age of 27 on his birthday he became the MD & CEO of Shreepati Group and the batten of Shreepati Group was handed over to the new Managing Director & CEO – Mr.Tapas R. Chaturvedi and the incumbent Chairman of the Company resigned from all positions of Director and designated Partners of LLPs.

Besides Mr. Tapas R. Chaturvedi is a legal heir and the natural successor of Shreepati Group who is now Managing Director & CEO of the entire Group with the support of the entire team and other Directors is young dynamic to look after the company for the years to come. Mr. R. R. Chaturvedi became Chairman – Emeritus and is advising the Shreepati Group since then. The successor plan was implemented so that, the whole operations and decisions could be handled independently in times to come by Mr. Tapas R. Chaturvedi.