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Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi

Chairman, Shreepati Group

Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi is a man who speaks not with his words, but his actions. Rooted in humility and driven a strong self-belief, he has built a legacy that will inspire the construction industry. From his daring vision to build the tallest ever building in India, to his idea of transforming South Mumbai by adopting Vertical Living as an idea, every single of his achievements have won accolades from all quarters. His exemplary pursuits to build the unthinkable has paved the way for architectural
excellence in real estate. Shreepati Group, for him, isn’t just a company, but a harbinger of change, transformation, modernization, amplification and integration within the industry.
It is with his able vision, unwavering commitment, unrivalled dedication and steely determination that he has propelled the Shreepati Group to greater heights, by the day.
He’s a dreamer, who doesn’t just dream, but doesn’t stop until he moulds it into reality.

Shri. Tapas Chaturvedi

Managing Director & CEO, Shreepati Group

Mr. Tapas Chaturvedi, at a young age of just 27 years he had already started steering the Shreepati Group towards the future with a concrete vision. After having taken over the leading role way back in 2014, he has in every way applied his competencies to pave the way for the Group’s sky-high ambitions. It’s not just his in-depth understanding of the business, but his exuberance, energy and creativity that he brings to the table which is a massive advantage for the company. A civil engineer who went on to complete his MBA from the renowned Amity University, Singapore, Mr. Tapas Chaturvedi was since his younger years passionate about business. Being the son of Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi, he did not have to wait long, before he could test his acumen as a businessman. Since he joined forces with his father, there has been no looking back. He’s today the key person behind the company’s every crucial decision. He is the driving force behind future strategies and ideas. With him at the helm, Shreepati Group is flying high and touching the sky.

Mrs. Saloni Chaturvedi

HR & Marketing Director, Shreepati Group

Shri. Rajendra Chaturvedi’s extremely gifted and highly qualified daughter-in-law, Mrs. Saloni Chaturvedi is a woman of substance. With an MBA from Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development, Pune and B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering – Mrs. Saloni Chaturvedi is the Director of Marketing & Human Resources at the Shreepati Group.